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Practice Areas

Specializing in the following areas:
– Transactional Law
– Commercial Litigation
– Corporate Law
– Mediation/Arbitration
– Commercial Real Estate Law
– Negotiations
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Transactional Law

This is a highly gratifying aspect of the practice of law.  Each side receives something that it wants and many times concludes with a celebratory lunch or dinner.  Whether it be the purchase or sale of commercial real estate, a lease of that type of property, the purchase or sale of a business or any of the numerous other types of transactions, Neuer Law has the necessary expertise and experience to successfully conclude it. 

Commercial Litigation

Neuer Law is dedicated to working on a cost-conscious basis with its clients when they are involved in litigation.  We view all disputes which cannot be resolved until a lawsuit is filed to be an emotional as well as an economic drain on our clients.  We have achieved successful results for both Plaintiffs and Defendants in such matters and we welcome the referral of new matters. 

Corporate Law

In addition to the formation and creation of new entities, Neuer Law works with its clients to ensure compliance with necessary statutes, rules, regulations and the like.  Whether you are about to start a new business or have an existing entity which requires an annual checkup with regards to its conformity with applicable requirements, Neuer Law stands ready, willing and able to be of assistance. 


Mr. Neuer has been a Court-Appointed Mediator for over a dozen years and has successfully resolved numerous matters as a third-party neutral.  On behalf of clients, Mr. Neuer uses that dedicated investment into the mediation process to achieve positive results in order to, among other things, avoid the need for protracted litigation.  The same commentary holds true for matters that evolve into arbitration rather than mediation.

Commercial Real Estate Law Litigation

Mr. Neuer’s biography speaks to his extensive experience in commercial real estate matters.  For over thirty (30) years he has represented buyers and sellers, landlords and tenants, lenders and borrowers and developers of major projects.  After helping to transform the landscape of the community in which he lives, Mr. Neuer now proudly serves as a Member of its Zoning Board of Adjustment and gains added knowledge and experience while serving in that role.  Neuer Law also has substantial experience in the area of real estate tax appeals in New Jersey and we welcome referrals of this type of matter.


Mr. Neuer serves as an adjunct professor in two (2) graduate programs at major universities in the New York Metropolitan Area.  The primary course which Mr. Neuer conducts is “Negotiations and Dispute Resolution”.  He has studied the art of negotiation and implemented it into his day to day practice as a principled and respected negotiator.  Simply stated, his reputation in this field speaks for itself.

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